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Equifax Credit Report

Web Site: http://www.equifax.com

An Equifax Credit Report is comprised of many components. It offers what Equifax calls a "credit summary" which is basically an overall snapshot of your credit information. This Equifax credit summary includes the following:

Equifax is unique in that it allows you online access for a period of 30 days. Please note that although Equifax provides their credit report for that time period, it is not updated. Equifax Credit Reports also provide dispute file information sections at the end of the credit report so that you can easily dispute any incorrect credit information online.

The price for an Equifax Credit Report is just $9.00. Equifax even provides a way for you to purchase this credit report as a gift for someone. If you are interested in getting a Fico credit score along with the Equifax Credit Report, you will need to purchase Equifax's Score Power for just $14.95. If you wish to purchase just your FICO score but already have an Equifax Credit Report, you may want to try the MyFico website, a division of Fair Isaac.

With Equifax's Score Power, you receive the following:

Instant access to your FICO credit score and Equifax Credit Report online
An explanation of your score to help you understand how lenders view your credit history. Interactive Score Simulator to show you how your actions may change your score. Specific tips on how to improve your score and a comparison of your score to the national average

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